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Creative Solution


Art and Play Therapy for Children, Families and Adults


Creative Solution Therapies

We all feel stuck sometimes; from the everyday demands of life, to divorce, loss, past hurts, or strained or damaged relationships. Adults and children alike are impacted by the stressors that we face. Often, it can be hard to find the solutions that are right for us. I work with individuals of all ages to overcome life difficulties. I provide a supportive, validating and compassionate approach to therapy through both verbal and experiential processing. I utilize art therapy and play therapy based interventions to help individuals and families find creative solutions to life's problems.

I believe in the power of art, creativity and play to help children and parents to work collaboratively, break down communication barriers and assist in the healing process. This integrative approach provides holistic treatment to best aid the whole family in healing from life’s problems.


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There’s more to Art Therapy than simply “drawing your feelings.”

Art therapists are trained to lead people through the creative process to best meet them where they are and promote healing and



As an art therapist, I offer art-based interventions that are tailored to fit your needs. The choice to create or engage with specific types of materials will ultimately be up to you.


 Play is how children learn and make meaning in their lives. It is therefore natural to incorporate play into therapy.


Play therapy is not however the same as everyday play. It is a therapeutic approach that incorporates the power of play to help people resolve life’s difficulties and achieve optimal growth and development.


Family therapy refers to treatment that involves two or more family members. This can be a sibling dyad, parent/child therapy, or can incorporate several members of the family. The goal of family therapy is to look beyond “the identified client” to explore dynamics that contribute to problems within the family. Building healthy communication skills and increasing healthy bond between family members can make a household feel more like a home.

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